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18 - 24 Month Toddler "Curriculum"


    I had been looking for a toddler curriculum to go by to teach my 18 month old daughter. (We'll call her "Sugar.")  I needed something that would teach her the basics, but also one that would help her develop her motor skills, practical life skills, and I also wanted it to have sensory activities included.  I couldn't find one that had everything I needed in one.  So I decided to make my own.  This is my daughter's 18-24 month curriculum.  We are not strict about our activities.  If Sugar doesn't want to do an activity, we move on to the next one.  We also don't do it all at once or every day.  It's just something I do with her because I feel like she should be taught these things at her age.

 ABCs (You can get an ABC chart, like teachers have in classrooms.  You can also get ABC magnets.)
Similar and Opposites
Nursery Rhymes
Explaining (I am washing your feet.)
Sign Language
Foreign Language  (We teach French)
Naming Objects
Retrieving Named Objects

123s (You can get 123 magnets.  You can also get a chart or make one from flash cards and a poster.)
Counting (you can use pom pom balls, foam stickers, or any kind of manipulative)
Matching Shapes

Fine Motor Skills
Filling and Dumping
Lacing (lacing cards)
Shape Sorting
Stacking (Cups, Blocks, Rings)
String Beads or Buttons
 Play Dough
 Blowing Bubbles
Spooning (ice, cereal, beans)

Gross Motor Skills 
Crawling Through and Under
Building Big Blocks
Rolling a Ball

Science (Learn About)
Body Parts
Animal Noises
Nature (clouds, rain, sky, stars, sun, moon)

Play Dough
Craft Activities (shape pipe cleaners, make holiday crafts)

Practical Life Skills (Every Day)
Brushing Hair
Brushing Teeth
Potty Learning
Washing Hands
Wipe Face
Put on/Remove Clothes
Eat with a Spoon/Fork
Throw Things Away
Clean Up Toys

Jello and Cookie cutters
Textured Books
Sensory Bins
Play Dough
Finger Painting
Listen to Find Toy (hide a musical toy and get your toddler to look for it)
Use flash cards to teach (if your child will pay attention)
Exercise (We do yoga and pilates.  I let her run around outside.  There are many fun exercises.)
Do a Dots (use bingo markers to make dots on pages. there are print outs on different websites that have Abcs and 123s)
Puzzle Search (Take two or three baby puzzles and take all of the pieces out.  Let the child figure out which piece goes to which puzzle.)
Mixing Colors (Use red, blue, and yellow crayons or paint.  Let your child mix them to find out what color combinations make what colors.)
 Ice Colors (put food coloring and water in ice trays and freeze.  Put water in a sensory bin and place one ice cube in at a time so your child can see color change.)

To make this a little easier, here is a day planned out.

Go over ABCs and 123s (every day)
Read a Book
Explain (I am washing your feet.)
Nursery Rhyme- Do You Know the Muffin Man?
Listen to some type of music.
Sing a child's song- "Bingo"
Body Parts
Animal- Bird, bird noise
French: Body Parts- Ear (l'oreille), Animal- Bird (l'oiseau), Thank You (Merci), Object- Car (voiture)
Exercise- Baby Yoga
Art-  Coloring
Ice Colors
Stacking Cups

We may not get all of this in one day.  But this is basically what I like to go over. 
It may seem like a lot, but none of this is forced on Sugar and it's all play.   On weekends, she watches Sparkabilities. Sugar has learned a lot from these videos.  She also watches French For Kids Youtube videos.  Don't worry, she watches Kipper too.  Her brain gets a break every now and then haha..


  1. Thank you for sharing your 18-24 Month Toddler "Curriculum"! How old is your daughter "Sugar" and how is she doing as a learner and reader now?
    May I share this with my grandkids' "Married Mamas, too?

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  5. The best thing I ever see....excellent!

  6. The comments, oh man. Thank you publishing this, it’s exactly what I needed for my 19 month old!

  7. Oh this is great, I hope you do these for each stage, because I'm not good at organizing this on my own!